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Model Boats

Model boats, which are miniature versions of fictional or real-life boats, do not only have aesthetic value, they also have historical value, especially in maritime history. Model boats come with descriptions, historical context, and other specifications. Through these information, model boats can be classified. Model boats can also get very expensive if they contain accurate details and if they are made of expensive materials.

Scales used by model boats

There are very tiny model boats, while there are ones that are quite large. Model boats used for gaming can be as small as those with 1:6000 ratio or relatively bigger at 1:600. Boats from the two World Wars are more commonly found at 1:2400, while those from older wars are at 1:2000.

Most popular materials used to create model boats

Most model boats are made of plastic, wood, paper, or metal. There are also cheaper model boats made of clay. Those in plastic are made of either injected styrene or cast resin. Plastic model boats make use of fiberglass hulls. Wooden model boats are, of course, made of wood while metal model boats are mostly made of cast lead. Finally, paper model boats, especially those that come in kits, are made of a preprinted type of paper.

Radio-controlled model boats

To enable you to play with model boats, there are available radio-controlled model boats that you can maneuver over water. The movements of these model boats can be controlled via a radio transmitter.

Maintenance of model boats

Because building model boats from scratch is a lot of work and buying them can possibly set you back thousands of dollars, you need to take care of them. Though you do need to clean model boats, you must never soak them in water for long periods of time. You only need to clean three main parts: the deck, the hull, and the rigging. Use a soft hair brush to clean the deck and the rigging, and a damp rag with very little soap to clean the hull. Use very small brushes for very narrow areas; make sure to clean the boat with gentle strokes especially if the model boat has plenty of intricate or delicate designs.

When looking for such collectibles, the Internet offers many online stores that cater to boat hobbyists and enthusiasts.